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REDTeam Cyber Security®

Cyber Security:

"As CPAs we have a fiduciary responsibility to maintain our client's information securely.  Cyber security is of utmost importance to us.  Red Team's services are unique and most of all cost effective."

~ Tom B. - CPA, Denver

Next-gen Cyber Security Awareness Training

Red Team is a leader in Cyber Security methods, including state-of-the-art education and training to help you and your staff become protected against cyber crime. Take the first step now to significantly improve your defenses against cybercrime.





On-Site Training

At the office, it’s revealed that both the executives and the staff are the weak link in IT Security.   Why?  One reason is small-to-medium companies still allow employees to use unrestricted internet browsing and personal email as a "benefit" without much regard to the Cyber Safety of the business.


A strong element to help keep your business safe from cyber criminals is by creating a "human firewall".  This is done by implementing an education system:

Red Team's Next-gen Cyber Security Awareness Training.

Red Team USA's Cyber Security Seminars and Workshops are held in conjunction with a nationwide awareness campaign conducted by U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Security National Cyber Security Alliance.




Continuous Data Protection Processes


Scalable UTM Cyber Security Service


Red Team Endpoint Visibility and Threat Intelligence provides the information to plan and guide response priorities.


Cyber Security Intrusion Identifiers:

•  Incidence Response

•  Root cause analysis to know which  vulnerability needs to be fixed to prevent a similar-type of attack in the future



Printed monthly activity reports



Optional On-Demand activity reports



Client notification of actionable intrusion attempts when identified






Coordinating and Interfacing with Cyber Security Agencies on the client’s behalf

• CERT-NIST Computer Security Division







Risk Awareness Training

Data Protection Techniques


Executive & Employee Cyber Awareness Training

Reveals the Current Real-world Threat Environment


Initial and Continual On-site and Online training:

•  Proper Data Protection, Handling & Destruction

•  HIPAA Protected Health Information

•  How to Avoid Social Engineering Scams

•  Navigating Social Networks,

•  Safer Web Browsing

•  Smart Phone Security

•  Recognize Phishing Attempts

•  How to Identify Illegitimate URL

•  PCI DSS, PII, Passwords


Written Policy Development and Implementation


Creation of Company-wide Cyber Security Policies to set standards and guide employee conduct

•  Data security and information protection emphasis


Note: Properly implemented policies help to lower the risk of a cyber incident or data breach and can help mitigate and/or reduce potential liabilities.


On-going Guardian™ Subscription Services

Unified Threat Managed Services per Stateful

Multilevel inspection 3rd-gen Devices (SMLI)


Support and policy enforcement that provides a

Dome of Security over the entire company.

•  VPN Encryption

•  On-board daily virus/malware definitions update

•  Data deep packet scanning

•  Measure network bandwidth/use monitoring







Cyber Security Risk Assessments


 System Vulnerabilities

• External & Internal Network Scans and Tests

• Workstation Risk Assessment

• Company Supplied or Personal - BYOD - smart phones &   tablets PCI and Vulnerability Scans

• Web Sites Vulnerability Scans


 Human Vulnerabilities

• Measuring employee susceptibility to Phishing

• Individual Data Handling Risk Assessment


 Investigative Testing UTM Cyber Security Service


    Set Baselines to Report Changes in Observed Behaviors:


• Change in URLs accessed,

•  change in data transfer volume

•  server failed login attempts

•  SQL injection attempts

•  WAN/LAN bandwidth variations

•  Port scans,

•  Failed and excessive firewall login attempts,

•  Server & Workstation CPU utilization


 Remediation Support for Your I.T. Services Mgr

•  Remediation mapping

•  Update, Patch and Plug-in Listings


 Red Team Consortium:

• Engineering Support

• Systems Design

• Policy Creation



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